Fitness – A Perfect Way to Fight Your Addiction

Fighting your addiction without having something to replace it on the long run is almost unconceivable. And it is way easier if you have something you can tilt towards when the going gets tough.

What the average person would think about is occupying your thoughts, hence suggesting reading, having a conversation, entering a social sharing group. And this is great at a number of levels, but all by itself it cannot really provide the boost needed as to detach from your addiction.

Fitness Fight Your Addiction
Another suggestion would be occupying your time with something. This is logical and stands for a lot of progress on the long run, but then again it lacks true unity of thought, emotion, feeling…

So, here is something I would suggest that unites more aspects of successfully fighting your addiction than almost anything else – Fitness workouts (Insanity Workout).

Fitness workouts occupies the time

And for that it is quite convenient. Not only will you dedicate hour or more daily, but there is a lot to talk about, do research for, share with friends or people on the net… This all stands for a lot of time invested which will in turn dramatically increase your chance for success.

Fitness workouts occupies the mind

Thinking about it, talking about it, doing research about it, watching videos, pictures, quotes, will for sure bring you in another state of mind and change your attitude. It will even get slightly addictive, and on the long run prove a substitution for your addiction even.

The progress in fitness will reassure you that it is possible

Fighting your addiction is tough mostly because the result is never easy to predict. From your point of view it is never certain, and that is one scary fact to consider. However, by witnessing some progress with fitness- becoming stronger in your body, noticing change of body appearance, feeling more flexible, stronger, more agile- it becomes reassuring that you can do it. That you can defeat your addiction, that you are stronger than that.

Fitness will affect your emotions, how you feel

Trying to stay in control over yourself, it is mostly an emotional calculus taking place inside your body. And this is affected by the way you feel, your attitude, your will power, discipline… But when you think about it, it all comes down to chemical composition inside your body. And fitness changes it for the better; a lot.

Your body will feel great once the adrenaline rush kicks in, and you will feel rejuvenated both in body and mind. The release of hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, and endorphin will improve cognitive focus, make you feel happier; improve your mood, allow you to enjoy the moment.

This feeling gets addictive, and it will start to trump others over time.

You life in the moment and enjoy it

This is dictated simply by the fact that you feel more, and your concentration is up. You feel every muscle, every movement, every inch of your body. It creates this amazing sense of control, amazing sense of mind triumphing over body.

Fitness will for sure change the quality of your life, improve you physically, but what is more important mentally and emotionally as well.

You will create new surroundings, maybe even bring in new people in your life, create a passion that will ultimately help you defeat your addiction.